Sundayjam Hustle Workshop with Ronja & Niklas 

29.5. klo 1417 Villa Rana, Blomstedtin sali

Where: Villa Rana What time: 14:00-15:30

Price: 20€ (50% goes for Ukrainian bboys and bgirls, Legit Foundation)

Hustle is a partner dance from the 70’s New York City, USA. The dance has been going under different names such as the spanish hustle, latin hustle, rope hustle, New York Hustle and so on, with its roots in mambo, swing and other latin dances. Hustle is mostly danced to funk and disco music as it was born during the disco craze.

Ronja and Niklas have been actively spreading hustle in Helsinki during the last couple of years, and they have learned from the dancers Alex Kim, Inga be, Tboy, Anita and Archie Burnett among others. Ronja and Niklas are very happy and excited to come to Jyväskylä and share with you! We will go through the very basics of the dance and guide you from there. You can come alone or with a friend/s. Everybody gets to do both following and leading. Hope to see you there! The workshop will be held in english, with translation to finnish or swedish if needed.

After workshop we have Sunday Jam @ Villa Rana. Dj Kifle will play the tunes for dancepeople.

-We are maintain safer place policy in our events.-

20€, SADE Finland